Research and Practice of Online Postgraduate Quality Management Systems in Local Institutions with the Context of Digital Network

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Xihuang Lai, Zhifei Song, Xiaobo Tao, Jing Cao, Min Liu


In the digital era, there is an urgent need to reconstruct the talent cultivation system with the support of computer technology, and it is crucial to create and build a quality control system for postgraduate education that meets the development of the times. The system is usually operated online using digital network technology. Most of the postgraduates admitted to the research group come from the same level of institutions or non-graduate training authorization units, and their scientific research ability is relatively weak, hence they need more guidance and help from the university and supervisors in the cultivation process. Relying on the university's "Intelligence +" academic characteristics, the group has explored and practiced digital transformation in terms of accurate publicity, quality improvement, and differentiation cultivation, which mainly includes the following two aspects. The first, take the online teaching management platform as the core, cooperate with the enrollment platform, the practice results platform, and the graduation work platform through the network, with the user experience of teachers and students as the test standard, mine data on the habits of teachers and students, realize the orderly operation of the data-driven postgraduate education process. The second is to improve the teaching management ability and innovation consciousness of teachers under the intelligence education conditions through data platform and online or underline staged training. At the same time, the Group will continue to pay attention to data security and privacy protection issues in the postgraduate QMS, and deeply explore the integration and application of big data technology and education management, so as to improve the management level of postgraduate education and adapt to the new situation and requirements of postgraduate education.

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