Lifelong Learning System in the age of Artificial Intelligence: Change, Opportunity and Reconstruction

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Qiaoxia Peng


Artificial Intelligence advances the offline and online education, digital education and virtual education, eventually all the way to lifelong education with online, digital and virtual Characteristics. In the era of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), computer technology, Internet technology, big data technology, and cloud computing technology have been widely used in all life and work, making the information dissemination space broader and faster. Information Space provides a platform for new knowledge acquisition and learning for education. The lifelong learning system for the whole population has been updated to break through the modes and limitations of traditional education and meet the needs of all people. This paper first analyzes the connotation and characteristics of lifelong learning for all and points out the current policies and opportunities. Finally, it proposed to build a high-quality, efficient, and sustainable comprehensive lifelong learning system to form an excellent social learning situation in which "everyone can learn, everywhere can learn, and always can learn.” To enhance lifelong learning, efforts focus on expanding the main body responsible for learning, building intelligent learning environments, and providing precise guidance based on educational needs. It is also essential to improve feedback mechanisms, service places, and create an integrated online platform, alongside establishing knowledge-based organizations. This research focus on accountability and quality in lifelong learning since it is evolving with new technologies and opportunities. At the same time, it can expand learning, create an intelligent environment, improve feedback, and establish an online educational platform. This will provide inclusive and high-quality educational opportunities to all learners.

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