Research on The Application of Data Mining in Evaluation of Curriculum Teaching

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Dandan Li


The effectiveness of moral education is the fundamental standard to test all the work in colleges and universities, evaluation of curriculum teaching is very important for teachers to accurately master students' learning effects .Data mining technology has great advantages in curriculum evaluation. Guided by the concept of OBE (Outcomes-based Education), this paper obtains evaluation data through data mining from the goal of talent training. The data is processed through data collection, data integration, data selection, data cleaning, data conversion ,then the AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process)-FCE(Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation)  analysis model is constructed for empirical analysis, and the educational effect of big data and accounting courses is evaluated. Carrying out evaluation of curriculum teaching can promote teaching, improve the quality of personnel training, and achieve the goal of educating people.On the one hand, evaluation of curriculum teaching can provide an empirical basis to improve the talent training quality. On the other hand, it can provide theoretical reference for other majors to carry out curriculum teaching evaluation

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