Research on the Development Status and Influence of Zhengzhou Primitive Celadon in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

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Kexiang Ma, Hui Chen, Yi Zhang, Liangjie Zhang


In today's environment where the development of artificial intelligence is clearly accelerating, the research on traditional Chinese ceramics has also been influenced by it. Through artificial intelligence technology, we delve into exploring the developmental status and influence of Zhengzhou primitive celadon in Chinese ceramic culture, and conduct analysis and research through big data screening. At the same time, this provides a theoretical basis for the protection and inheritance of Zhengzhou primitive celadon. Zhengzhou primitive celadon. Through artificial intelligence means, we obtain relevant data from literature and archaeological discoveries related to China's primitive ceramics, and then conduct systematic research to deeply explore the cultural connotations of Zhengzhou primitive celadon. As a part of ancient Chinese ceramic culture, although the history of Zhengzhou primitive celadon can be traced back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties, due to geographical and historical reasons, its status and influence are relatively low. Under the conditions of artificial intelligence, the in-depth analysis of its unique value through big data analysis helps to better understand and inherit this unique variety of celadon, Zhengzhou primitive celadon. It provides theoretical support and guidance for the protection and inheritance of Zhengzhou primitive celadon. By utilizing artificial intelligence means to participate in the revival and development process of Zhengzhou celadon, it has positive significance for promoting the greater development of Zhengzhou primitive celadon in the field of ceramic art.

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