Research on the Application of Intelligent Multi-branch Version Management Strategy of Electricity Marketing Service System Software

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Zhigao Shen, Yuanbin Xu, Yanjie Wang, Yifan Hu, Gang Chen, Ying Gao, Pang Zhang, Yongchao Pan


In recent years, the Market Marketing Department of State Grid Corporation of China, in collaboration with the Internet Department, has initiated the construction of an intelligent energy internet marketing service system. This paper aims to improve the development efficiency and quality of the power marketing service system. To achieve this goal, an intelligent multi-branch version management strategy has been introduced. Firstly, the necessity of multi-branch version management is analyzed in relation to the characteristics of the power marketing service system software and the potential issues that may arise in its development and version management process. Then, based on the concept of productizing the general functions of the entire network and projecting the functions of each provincial network, a multi-branch version management strategy is designed, which includes the core components of intelligent multi-branch version management and intelligent multi-branch version protection. Finally, an application case of power marketing service system development is presented. This solution not only standardizes the version management process, improves software development efficiency, ensures the order and control of versions, but also demonstrates the enormous potential of intelligent technology in enhancing system development and management efficiency.

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