Innovation and Practice of “Job-Course-Competition-Certification” Professional Talents’ Cultivation Model in Tourism Major under the Background of Digitalization Era

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Wei Yin, Lijie Yin


The rapid development of new digital economies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data is profoundly changing various industries, especially the tourism industry. The digital upgrade has promoted the transformation and development of the tourism industry, and has given rise to a series of new employment positions closely related to digital technology, providing broader development space and transformation opportunities for the cultivation of tourism professionals. In this digitalization context, The most urgent thing is to explore the best talent cultivation model to adapt to the changes in the tourism industry environment and the demand for tourism talents. On the basis of drawing on the practical experiences from professional talent cultivation reform in existing universities, combined with the problems in the process of tourism majors` talents cultivation, this paper proposes an innovative plan for the talent cultivation mode of higher vocational tourism majors under the theoretical framework of “job-course-competition-certification” integration. It is hoped that through the vivid practice of three integration scenarios: “job- course integration”, “course-competition integration”, and “course-certification integration”, it will optimize the talent training system for tourism majors in higher vocational colleges, and achieve high-quality and skilled training for tourism majors talents.

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