The Application of 3D Printing Formwork Technology in Concrete Building Materials

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Yiquan Zou, Zexu Wang


Concrete 3D printing technology is a prime example of contemporary digital manufacturing, showcasing its efficiency and automation in the realm of construction. Compared to traditional construction methods, the characteristics of labor-saving and formwork-free in 3D printing technology have brought changes to the construction personnel structure and forming process. Enhancing the flexibility of concrete materials and 3D printing technology are two major areas of concentration, along with promoting the wider application of 3D printing in the construction industry. An extensive review of the advancements in concrete 3D printing technology is given in this paper. The mechanical, printable, buildable, and rheological properties of concrete materials that are suitable for 3D printing are also discussed. The study also shows how 3D printing formwork technology is frequently used in decorative elements and atypically shaped projects. The goal is to offer informative analysis and practical tools for further research and advancements in 3D printed concrete technology. The study's overall findings emphasize how important it is to improve 3D printing technology's compatibility with concrete materials. By tackling essential performance criteria and exploring creative uses, we can unlock the complete potential of concrete 3D printing, which will result in notable progress within the construction sector.

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