Research on Innovative Dissemination Models of Nantong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage under the Background of Big Data

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Minli Shi, Xiaodong Zheng


Intangible cultural heritage is a product of human society’s spiritual civilization and a precious wealth left by history, carrying the wisdom of mankind and the civilization and splendour of human history. Nowadays, in the era of the development of cultural diversity, with the rise of a new generation of technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the audience of cultural heritage breaks the limitations of time and space, while the means and paths for the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage are becoming richer and richer. By summarizing the connotations and characteristics of intangible heritage, sorting out the changes and developments in its transmission methods, analyzing the opportunities for the dissemination of intangible heritage in the digital age, examining the challenges faced by Nantong’s intangible cultural heritage in its dissemination, and combining current hot topics, this study proposes new paths for the dissemination of intangible heritage in the digital era in Nantong. The aim is to achieve efficient and widespread transmission from multiple angles, providing new ideas for cultural construction and cultural identification.

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