Research on The Times Value of Village Public Sports Space Planning: Theoretical Logic, Practical Approach and Big Data Application Exploration in The Background of Rural Revitalization

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Yuanyuan Dai, Heshuang Ye, Chengcheng Wu, Jie Zhang, Zhenhong Zhao


It is the key to the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and the inevitable way to use big data to help the spatial planning of village sports, improve the efficiency of spatial allocation of resources, and promote the high-quality development of rural sports. This paper mainly adopts research methods such as literature materials and logical analysis to explore the Times value of village public sports space planning, expound the theoretical logic and practical difficulties of village public sports space planning, and then propose practical approaches and big data application exploration. The research finds that the Times value of village public sports space planning is reflected in the aspects of increasing the effective supply of public sports space, stimulating the spillover value of public sports space, and satisfying the ardent yearning for a better life. Based on the theoretical logic of continuous co-construction, co-governance and sharing, dynamic improvement of suitable adaptation, long-term improvement of convenience and safety, and steady integration into livability and business. It is found that the planning of village public sports space is faced with such realistic difficulties as the imbalance of resource supply standards and allocation among villages, the weakening of residents' participation in planning, the lack of guidance in technical operation and planning layout, and the insufficient coupling degree between public sports space and village environment. It is proposed that the planning of village public sports space should follow the practice path of overall planning of inter-village sports service resource supply, mobilizing residents' enthusiasm to participate in spatial planning, enabling the layout and location of sports space with digital technology, and forming diversified public sports service supply.

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