Real-time Gait Event Tracker (RGET): An Innovative Approach to Digital Human Modeling through Integration of Inertial Measurement Unit and Dynamic Feature Extraction

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Tengxu Xia


The advancement of digital human modeling technology underscores the importance of accurately representing human characteristics and behaviors using motion capture technologies. This paper introduces the Real-time Gait Event Tracker (RGET), an advanced method aimed at precisely detecting gait events via an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), thereby supporting high-precision digital human modeling. RGET integrates planning techniques into continuous states and action spaces, utilizing first-order difference functions and sliding window techniques to effectively identify four key gait events: Heel Strike (HS), Toe Off (TO), Walking Start (WS), and Walking Pause (WP). The system efficiently manages IMU gait signal data through real-time queuing techniques and extracts dynamic features within time frames using positive/negative windowed first-order difference integrations. By adopting weighted sleep time methods and adaptive threshold decision rules, RGET accurately extracts gait event features from sequences. Not only does RGET support precise gait segmentation with an F1 score of 95.9%, but it also provides an innovative method for digital human modeling and its applications.

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