Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Variable Neighborhood Search for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

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Xinyu Zhang, Kaiwen Geng, Yang Li


Aiming at the capacitated vehicle routing problem, a hybrid integer programming model with goal of lowest path cost is constructed, and a hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm with variable neighborhood search based on the model and the characteristics of the CVRP problem is proposed to solve the problem. The hybrid algorithm integrates the artificial bee colony algorithm and the variable neighborhood search algorithm, embeds a multi-variable neighborhood operator in the local search link of the artificial bee colony to carry out iteration. And the operator contains targeted transformation operations on path nodes, strings, and sub paths to ensure the diversity of the bee population. In addition, a variable neighborhood perturbation strategy is used to strengthen the algorithm's ability to escape from local optima. The comparative analysis of the literature study set and its algorithm solution shows that the designed hybrid variable neighborhood artificial bee colony algorithm has strong global search ability and high solution accuracy, especially in solution stability. HABC-VNS can obtain 47 optimal solutions in 74 examples. The average minimum deviation of the optimal solution is 0.34%, and the average deviation of the average CVRP set is 0.57%. The overall performance is better than the algorithm in the comparative literature.

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