A Novel SDN-Based Architecture of Task Offloading in Mobile Ad-Hoc Cloud

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Wenjuan Shao


As the core function of mobile Ad-hoc cloud, task offloading has always been a research hotspot of mobile cloud computing, and the construction, offloading decision, task division and scheduling strategies of mobile Ad-hoc cloud directly affect the performance of offloading. In this paper, we propose a new mobile Ad-hoc cloud architecture based on SDN solving the performance bottleneck of opportunistic task offloading. The proposed solution constructs terminal clusters in Ad-hoc cloud to provide users with offloading service, and makes offloading decision and task allocation through SDN controller to achieve the effectiveness of task allocation and the rationality of resource scheduling. Simulation results show that compared with traditional scheduling method, our method has the advantages in offloading ratio and execution efficiency, and can be more effectively used in dynamic mobile edge network environment, to improve network performance and user service satisfaction.

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