Variation of New Energy Vehicle Product Scores Based on Fuzzy Rough Set Theory and Cellular Automaton

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Jiaxun You, Shouxi Wu, Fan Zhang


This study investigates the fluctuation in product scores of new energy vehicles (NEVs) using a combination of fuzzy rough set theory and cellular automaton. By integrating these two methodologies, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of how NEV product scores evolve over time. Firstly, the fuzzy rough set theory is employed to handle the uncertainty and imprecision inherent in NEV product evaluation, optimizing the selection of influential factors. Subsequently, a cellular automaton model is utilized to simulate the dynamic changes in NEV product scores, incorporating factors identified through fuzzy rough set theory. Through this combined approach, we can continuously monitor and analyze the variations in NEV product scores, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions for improving product competitiveness and market performance. This study contributes to the advancement of methodologies for evaluating NEV products and offers insights into the dynamic nature of their competitive landscape.

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