Research on Road Geological Hazard Risk Assessment Model Based on Computational Deep Learning Algorithm Integrated With GIS

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Zhichao Xu, Yuzhuo Wang,Yunshan Chen, Chao Deng, Yuexing Wu, Xinzhong Wang, Le Ding, Zhanjun Liu


This paper studies the geological disaster emergency command and management system based on geographic information system. This system is for the province, city, county land resources and other aspects of the comprehensive application, the realization of real-time information display, meteorological early warning, group measurement and mass prevention, monitoring and early warning, major disaster management, prevention plan, quick report processing, emergency investigation, emergency disposal, emergency consultation and other functions. Through the GSM network, the monitoring data is sent to the monitoring center through the mobile phone, and then the monitoring center processes, stores, displays and alarms the monitoring data. Finally, B/S structure is used to build a remote Web data service publishing platform, so that it can carry out real-time monitoring at any place, and improve the speed, efficiency and intuition of high-speed slope disaster. It is proved that the method has the advantages of stable operation, accurate data, fast transmission speed and high monitoring accuracy through the practical application of a highway project foundation pit slope monitoring.

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