Research on Detection System of Intelligent Computer Optimization Algorithm for Concrete Mix Ratio Based on Big Data

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Juanjuan Wang, Xin'e Yan, Yetao Cong


PLC is used to complete the control function of the concrete proportioning system. The MCGS (Configuration Software Monitor and Control System) is used to realize the real-time monitoring, data management and fault warning of the whole monitoring system. The material feed and PLC control process in the feed system are emphatically introduced. A concrete proportioning design method based on multiple parameters is proposed. The nonlinear multi-objective optimization model of concrete mix ratio was established by stepwise regression analysis and complex optimization method. The problems of narrow range of variables and single form of objective and constraint in traditional linear optimization methods are solved, which makes the selection of optimal index simpler and more flexible. Through the calculation of examples, it is clear that this method can obtain the mixture that meets the use conditions, and can greatly save the experimental work and construction cost.

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