A MIMO-Based Dual Polarized Antenna Applicable for Mobile Terminal

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Biqing Li, Shiyong Zheng, XiaoguangYue


At present, numerous small-size mobile terminal devices, such as mobile phones, have embedded the antenna in the cases, which will lead to considerable restrictions on the space for installing multiple antennas. Aiming at the requirements of rational design and layout of multi-antennas for MIMO mobile terminals and combining with the broadband and miniaturization technologies, a dual polarized antenna suitable for mobile terminals was designed in this paper through an adoption of polarization diversity. For a dual polarized multilayered micro-strip antenna with a ground plate, it is easy to be conformal to the carrier. In this paper, the design and the process of simulation optimization of the antenna unit were analyzed in detail. The bandwidth of the antenna unit was 1890 to 2200 MHz, the return loss was superior to -33dB, and both of the horizontal polarization gain and the vertical polarization gain were 8.2 dB. Accordingly, the characteristics of a high gain and dual polarization were achieved.

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