Intelligent Management Platform into Equipment Construction Personnel Training Mode Exploration: A Case of Police Equipment Management Information

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Qilei Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Sijia Li, Fang Zhang, Xiaoqing Zhang, Lin Zhu, Sufang Yang


To strengthen the application level of intelligent equipment management information platform for police officers, combined with the relevant requirements of the public security organ, education department and other departments, this paper focusing on the personnel training mode in the field of police equipment management information based on the background of intelligent management application, the connotation of professional development and the current situation of professional demand are analyzed. Through the study of knowledge system, curriculum system, teaching mode and so on, the cultivation of students 'skills and professional quality training are strengthened. The paper also discusses the existing problems in the aspects of the necessity, realistic demand, the promotion path and the evaluation of the school-bureau cooperation training mode. The model construction fully reflects the teaching needs of the police equipment management specialty in the information age, and establishes a professional ability talent training mode that matches the needs of the police equipment management professional posts.

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