Research on AI Empowered Future-oriented All Space-time Intelligent Tourism Logistics Distribution System

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Haixia Bai


In the era of intelligence, tourists urgently need a new tourism model to free themselves from the heavy logistics burden and meet their personalized, convenient, and enjoyable needs. On the other hand, there is a strong symbiotic relationship between the logistics industry and the tourism industry, which providing the greatest possibility and space for strategic collaboration between the two. However, for a long time, the two industries have been independent and isolated from each other, and tourism logistics, as an important market with a massive economy and the ability to create great tourism experiences for millions of tourists, has not yet been fully explored. Based on this, this paper views the tourism logistics system as an open and independent whole based on holism and synergy theory. Based on AI technology, by restructuring and integrating the tourism logistics activity process, we design a future oriented whole space and multi scenario tourism logistics distribution system, to promote high-quality development of the tourism industry and build a more efficient tourism economic order.

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