Development and Research of Safety Video Monitoring System for Loading and Unloading of Chemical Products in Railway Transportation

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Zhengxin Lan, Zhentang Chen


As the important position of chemical railroad transportation in modern logistics is becoming more and more prominent, its safety problem has attracted wide attention. To improve the safety of transporting chemicals by rail, this paper strives to develop an advanced safety monitoring system. The main background of this paper is the serious potential results of chemical products railroad transportation accidents which require an effective monitoring method to prevent. The purpose of this research is to design and realize an efficient and reliable video monitoring system to monitor the loading and unloading of chemicals transported by railroads in real-time. To achieve this goal, we adopted comprehensive methods, including video image recognition technology, data analysis technology, communication network technology, etc., which have significant meaning in preventing railroad accidents of chemical product transportation and safeguarding people’s life and property.

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Zhengxin Lan, Zhentang Chen

[1] Zhengxin Lan

2,*Zhentang Chen



[1] Liuzhou Railway Vocational Technical College, Liuzhou, 545616, Guangxi ,China

2 Liuzhou Railway Vocational Technical College, Liuzhou, 545616, Guangxi ,China

*Corresponding author: Zhentang Chen

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