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Special Issue 2, (November 2010)


Selected papers from 6th International Electrical Engineering Conference CEE’2010 (Electrical Engineering Department of Batna University; Algeria)


Simulation and Determination of the laws Control of the SRM for the Integrated Starter Generator Application

Author: M. Boudouda, F.Naceri


Power factor Improvement of an Induction Motor Drive Fed by a Matrix Converter

Author: F. Tazerart , T. Rekioua, M. Adli, A. Betka


Analysis of Linear Induction Launcher Performance Fed by Capacitor Banks Based on Coupled Circuits Model

Author: M. Bensalem, Y. Ouazir


Application of Inverse Problem Methodology in Design Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)

 R. Saou, M.E. Zaïm and K. Alitouche.


A Carrier-Based PWM Techniques Applied to a Three-Level Four-Leg Inverter for use as a Shunt Active Power Filter

Author: M. Elbar, M.O. Mahmoudi, B. Naas, K. Guesmi, A. Gaafazi


Observer-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Control for SISO Nonlinear Systems via Backstepping

Author: F. Kara, R. Abdessemed, F. Khaber


Feedback Control of Imbricate Two PWM VS Rectifiers –Five -Level NPC Voltage Source Inverter. Application of Induction Machine Drive

Author: R. Guedouani, B. Fiala, E.M. Berkouk, M. S. Boucherit


Sliding Mode Control of a Three-phase Three-Leg Voltage Source Inverter Based Four-Wire Shunt Active Power Filter

Author: F. Hamoudi , A. Chaghi, H. Amimeur,E. Merabet


An Analysis of Neutral Point Potential Control for a Three-Level NPC Inverter

Author: Messaïf, E.-M. Berkouk, N. Saadia


Implicit Fault Tolerant Control Technique Based Backstepping: Application to Induction Motor

Author: O. Benzineb, H. Mekki, D. Boukhetala, M. Tadjine, M. S. Boucherit