Welcome to the Journal of Electrical Systems (JES), a leading platform for disseminating cutting-edge research and advancements in the field of electrical engineering. Our journal is dedicated to promoting innovation, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge within the broad spectrum of electrical systems. Below is an overview of our aims and scope:

1. Objective:

JES aims to be a prominent international outlet for high-quality research in electrical systems, offering a comprehensive perspective on the latest developments in this dynamic and multidisciplinary field.

2. Scope of Coverage:

The journal encompasses a wide range of topics within electrical engineering, including but not limited to:

  • Power Systems and Smart Grids: Exploration of efficient power generation, transmission, distribution, and smart grid technologies.

  • Renewable Energy: Advances in renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power.

  • Control Systems: Theoretical and practical aspects of control systems design and applications in diverse fields.

  • Electronics and Communication: Innovations in electronic devices, circuits, communication systems, and signal processing.

  • Signal Processing: Techniques and methodologies for analyzing, interpreting, and manipulating signals.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Engineering: Integration of AI techniques in solving electrical engineering challenges.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Electrical Systems: Applications and implications of IoT in electrical infrastructure and systems.

  • Electric Vehicles and Transportation: Research related to electric vehicle technologies, charging infrastructure, and sustainable transportation.

  • Robotics and Automation: Advances in robotics and automation technologies in the context of electrical systems.

3. Interdisciplinary Approach:

JES encourages interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between traditional electrical engineering disciplines and emerging technologies. We welcome contributions that address the intersection of electrical systems with fields such as computer science, materials science, environmental science, and more.

4. Global Perspective:

We seek to foster a global community of researchers, academics, and practitioners. JES welcomes contributions from around the world, providing a platform for diverse perspectives and collaborations.

5. Open Access:

JES is an open-access journal, ensuring that research findings are freely accessible to the global community. We believe that open access promotes wider dissemination of knowledge and facilitates greater collaboration.

6. Submission Guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit original research articles, reviews, and technical notes that align with the aims and scope of JES. Submissions should adhere to the guidelines outlined in the "Instructions for Authors" page.

Join us in the pursuit of excellence in electrical engineering research. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a newcomer to the field, JES welcomes your contributions and looks forward to being a platform for the dissemination of impactful research.