Journal of Automation & Systems Engineering

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Volume 1 (2007)
Volume 2 (2008)
Volume 3 (2009)
Volume 4 (2010)
Volume 5 (2011)
Volume 6 (2012)
Volume 7 (2013)
Volume 8 (2014)
Volume 9 (2015)
Volume 10 (2016)
Volume 11 (2017)
Volume 12 (2018)
Volume 13 (2019)
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Editors-in- Chief
Prof. Noureddine Golea
Electronics Department,
University of Oum El-Bouaghi,Algeria

Prof. Tarek Bouktir
Electrical Engineering Department,University of Sétif
, Algeria

Editorial Board 

Prof. Keigo Watanabe : Department of Advanced Systems Control Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saga University, Japan

Prof. Shuanghe Yu : School of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Dalian Maritime University, China

Prof. Ying-Jeh Huang : Department of Electrical Engineering, Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan

Prof. Khier Benmahammed : Department of Electronics Engineering, University of Setif, Algeria

Prof. Sungsu Park : Department of Aerospace Engineering, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea

Prof. Denis Dochain : Directeur de Recherches FNRS honoraire CESAME, Belgium

Prof. Wan Kyun Chung : Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hyojadong, Pohang, KOREA

Prof. Rafael Kelly : CICESE Research Center, Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada, MEXICO

Prof. Simon X. Yang : Director of Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS) Lab, School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Prof. Mohemmed Boumehrez : Automatic Department, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Biskra University, 07000 Algeria.

Prof. Suash Deb : Dept. of Computer Science & Engg. National Institute of Science & Technology, Orissa, India

Dr. Chenikher Salah: Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Tebessa, Algeria

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