You will find your presentation time(s) in the technical program in this booklet. Please locate your times and places and ensure that you know where to go and when to be there. Please ensure that you show up early for your oral presentation and identify yourself to the session chair. Please also ensure that you are as prepared as possible to make your presentation when it is your time. Do not go over 10 minutes for your presentation, allowing for 5 minutes of questions and transitioning to the next speaker. Follow the instructions of the session chair. In the event that a session chair does not show for a session, the last speaker should serve as session chair. In the event that this is not possible, please identify a volunteer in the audience to serve as session chair, or at a minimum identify someone for each speaker to ensure that each presentation stays within the allotted time.


The poster sessions are scheduled in the Poster Hall. There are no other technical presentations scheduled during these times. Poster boards are already prepared, and you will be able to start assembling your poster presentations during the coffee breaks. Each poster board will have a number pinned to it. To find the number that corresponds to your poster, please go to the poster paper index in this book. This is also printed next to the paper entry in the main program.


Coffee and refresh will be available for the break each day at 10:30 and 17:00 at the poster Hall. SOFT COPIES OF THE PROCEEDINGS Each registrant receives a soft copy (CDROM) of the icraes’16 proceedings. These CDs are fully searchable. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM For any conference-related problem, please contact any organization committee member, the general chairs, the technical program chairs, or the registration desk.



Benefits for the icraes'19 Attendees
1) Publication of the Proceedings in 2 media: CD, E-Library
(A) CD-ROM Proceedings
(B) E-Library:
and possible: (C) JOURNAL PUBLICATION:
Expanded and enhanced versions of papers published in the conference proceedings also going to be considered for possible publication in JES, or JASE journals. After the presentation of your paper, the Chairmen will select the best papers for new round of review for possible journal publication. Necessary Condition is the presentation of the paper in the conference The final list of the (expanded and enhanced versions) of papers presented in the conference must have the approval of the Chairman, 2 Reviewers, and the Editor-in-Chief of the particular Journal. Selected papers from icraes'19 will be published in:
Journal of Electrical Systems
Journal of Automation & Systems Engineering


For questions or comments about the conference, please mail to