Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Electrical Systems


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PTS techniques assessment for improving PAPR reduction in LTE and Advanced LTE

Mesri Mokhtaria, Tahkoubit Khaled and Merah Hocine.


 Modeling and Simulation of the Lightning Return Stroke Current Using Electromagnetic Models and the 3D-FDTD Method

Kaddour Arzag, Zin-Eddine Azzouz and Boualem Ghemri.


Optimal Power Flow Solution using Ant Lion Optimizer Algorithm

Salhi Ahmed, Naimi Djemai and Bouktir Tarek.


Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Review

Belloui Bouzid.


Incorporation of sliding mode control and PID for dynamic stability enhancement

Abdelghani Choucha, Lakhdar Chaib and Salem Arif.


Energy Management System for Battery/Ultracapacitor Electric Vehicle with Particle Swarm Optimization

Akif Demircali, Selim Koroglu, Selami Kesler, Peter Sergeant, Erkan Ozturk and Mustafa Tumbek.


Advances and Challenges in WBG Devices and their Applications in Power Conversion and Conditioning

Omrane Bouketir. 


Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis of Electrical Generation in Libya using Wind Power

Nouri Alkishriwi and Hamid Sherwali.


 Based FE design and performance enhancement of a PMSM intended for a leisure electric vehicle

Radhia Jebahi, Nadia Chaker, Helmi Aloui and Moez Ayadi.


The Economics of Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) in Libya

Mohamed Mashena and Nouri Alkishriwi. 

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tripoli, Libya


Finite element comparative analysis software of a radial flux permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicle drive

Rihab Abdelmoula, Naourez Benhadj, Mohamed Chaieb and Rafik Neji.


 Iron losses minimization case applied for the optimization of an embedded hybrid claw pole alternator

Moufida Klach, Nadia Chaker Aloui, Helmi Aloui and Rafik Neji.


 Why suggested hybrid architecture -Mapreduce Massive Parallel Processing meter data repository- for a Smart Grid?

Abdeslam Mehenni, Zaia Alimazigui and Mohamed Ahmed-Nacer.


Closed Loop Torque and Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Propulsion

Mohamed Yaich, Mohamed Radhouan Hachicha and Moez Ghariani.


 Sizing and Optimization for Hybrid Central in South Algeria Based on Three Different Generators

Chouaib Ammari, Messaoud Hamouda and Salim Makhloufi.


 STATCOM for transient stability improvement between wind farm (CSIG/DFIG) and synchronous generator (SG)

Bouhadouza Boubekeur and Bouktir Tarek.


Methodology for Modeling of the Mechanical Part of an Anti-lock Braking System by Bond Graph

Jamel Ben Salem, Mohamed Najeh Lakhoua and Lilia El Amraoui.


Synthesis and interest in hybridization of autonomous renewable multi-source systems under constraints of embodied energy GHG emissions life cycle cost and loss of power supply probability

Habib Cherif and Jamel Belhadj.


Dynamic Optimal Power Flow with Wind Penetration Using Differential Evolution Technique

Nacira Brik, Linda Slimani and Tarek Bouktir. 


 Characterization and control of a craft mill driven by induction motor fed by photovoltaic mini-grid

Moustapha Diop, Wahib Khairi, Lamine Thiaw, Mehdi Turki and Jamel Belhadj.


 Detection of Eccentricity Fault in Closed-Loop Induction Motor drive using Wavelet Transform

Rouaibia Reda, Arbaoui Faycel and Bahi Tahar.


Security Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks: Challenges and Solutions

Sliman Yaklaf and Sliman Yaklaf. 


Offshore Wind Turbines Integration improvement in the electric network: A case study of the Tunisian electricity distribution network (ASHTART)

Raida Sellami, Rafik Neji and Tarek Bouktir. 


Application of System Modeling of the Renewable Energy Production

Raja Glaa, Mohamed Najeh Lakhoua and Lilia El Amraoui. 


Optimal Power Flow for Combined AC and Multi-Terminal HVDC Grids with large penetration of Wind Farm

Ramzi Kouadri, Linda Slimani and Tarek Bouktir.


Model of stand-alone photovoltaic module

Soltana Guesmi, Moez Ghariani, Moez Ayadi and Rafik Neji.


Study of an electric traction chain performance for person with reduced mobility in ADVISOR tool

Asma Bouazizi, Moez Ghariani and Samir Ben Salem.


Direct Power Control Based on PI Controller for PWM Voltage Source Converters

Aziz Boukadoum, Tahar Bahi and Abla Bouguerne.


Advanced Feature Extraction Approach of Induction Machine Faults

Abla Bouguerne, Abdesselam Lebaroud and Aziz Boukadoum. 


An Equivalent Circuit Planar Magnetics Inductors Model vs air gap and Parameter Extraction Based on the Genetic Algorithm

Aymen Ammouri, Tarek Ben Salah and Ferid Kourda



Identification of IM Parameters Using Finite Element Model for EVs application

Youssef Dhieb, Mohamed Radhouan Hachicha, Moez Ghariani and Rafik Neji.


On-Line Monitoring and Classification of Stator windings Faults in Induction Machine Using Fuzzy Logic and ANFIS Approach

Hichem Merabet, Tahar Bahi, Djalel Drici, Bedoud Khouloud and Boudiaf Adel.


Design of 4 Elements Rectangular Patch Antennas with High Gain

Samia Gamouh and Abdelhafid Chaabi. 


Field computation with finite element method applied for diagnosis eccentricity fault in induction machine

Mohammedi Moufid and Bahi Tahar.


Control of a wind micro-grid system based on doubly fed induction machines

Lema Gharsellaoui and Moez Ghariani.


 Phase Opposition Disposition PWM Strategy and Capacitor Voltage Control for Modular Multilevel Converters

Imen Ouerdani, Afef Bennani Ben Abdelghani, Ilhem Slama Belkhodja and Daniel Montesinos Miracle.


 Reconfigurable ANPC converter PWM strategy for an improved junction temperature distribution

Hanen Messaoudi, Afef Benneni Ben Abdelghani, Najiba Mrabet Bellaaj and Mohamed Orabi.


Active Filtering and Power Factor Correction for Electric Vehicles

Mariem Tayari, Abdessattar Guermazi and Moez Ghariani.


Sensorless Speed Control of salient pole PMSM According to the Backstepping Observer

Salah Nadji and Samira Benaicha.


Optimal Sizing and Placement of Multiple Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution Networks considering Uncertainty in the Variation of Loads

Boukaroura Abdelkader, Slimani Linda and Bouktir Tarek.


Optimal use of TCSC and Wind farm using metaheuristic ABCWS technique

Sebaa Haddi, Bouktir Tarek and Bouktir Omrane.


Analysis and Modeling of a Wind Power System based on SysML

Khouloud Nasraoui, Mohamed Najeh Lakhoua and Lilia El Amraoui.


Voltage stability of the Libyan network after its enhancement by new mobile generators.

Hamid Sherwali and Rabia M. Ali. 


Virtual Reference Model and Disturbance Rejection based Fuzzy Tracking Control for a PMSM

Djamel Ounnas, Messaoud Ramdani, Tarek Bouktir and Salah Chenikher.


 Impact of RDG Penetration on IDMT Overcurrent Relay Operation in Radial MV Distribution System

Kaouthar Melizi, Karim Sebaa, Mohamed Zellagui, Abdelhafid TlemÁani and Abdelaziz Chaghi.


 Automating the Service Identification from BPMN Diagrams

Ali Seridi and Lynda Dib



Design, Control and Simulation of a Grid Emulator for Standards Requirements Based Compliance Testing of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Invert

Hiba Boughorra Seddik, Sondes Skander Mustapha, Houda Ben Attia Sethom and Ilhem Slama Belkhodja.


Optimum Distribution Network Reconfiguration Using Firefly Algorithm

Chabane Djabali, Boukaroura Abdelkader, Nadhir Ketfi and Bouktir Tarek.


Sliding Mode Control for Speedís Tracking of an Electrical Vehicle

Alaeddine Ben Jridi, Nadia Chaker Aloui, Helmi Aloui and Rafik Neji.


 Implementation of a PV Panel Model based on the Look-up Tables Method for a PV Generator Emulator

Manelle Hasnaoui, Afef Ben Abdelgha-Bennani and Ilhem Slama-Belkhodja.


Segmentation of the Weld Radiographic Images by the Level Set Method using the Kernel Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

Nabil Chetih, Naim Ramou, Yamina Boutiche and Mohamed Sahnoun. 


Comparative Study of Wind Energy Conversion System Driven by Matrix Converter and AC/DC/AC Converter

Bedoud Khouloud, Bahi Tahar and Merabet Hichem.


 A Hybrid Differential Evolution with Biogeography-Based Optimization for the Solution of Optimal Power Flow with Consideration of FACTS Devices "UPFC"

Ouafa Herbadji , Linda Slimani and Tarek Bouktir.


Model reference adaptive sliding mode drive for permanent magnet double rotor motor

Zohra Njajra, Dhia Elhak Chariag, Aymen Flah and Lassaad Sbita.